The Technology Business is a specialist in Automation Retrofits and Installations

We can provide turnkey solutions to your process criteria, delivering solutions that fit into the requirements of your business.

We can be there from the initial concept development through to the final implimentation and commissioning, working with your engineering and production team throughout the project.

Our entry and exit points into the project can be tailored to suits your requirements. So whether you just need a panel manufacturing or the initial concept validating, we can help.

We can provide design services on both the Hardware and Software fronts, integrating with your production management systems where required and delivering enhanced performance and product traceability to assist in the reduction of waste and to improve the throughput of production.

Irrespective of the size or nature of the project, we will always strive to deliver a cost effective solution that exceeds your expectation.

We aslo pride ourselves on delivering sustained aftersales service support, so you know that your machine will have the backup of 24/7 service should it be required.

Our team can repair to component level on a wide variety of products, irrespective of their manufacturer or age.

We can also provide spares and where necessary adapt the existing installations to incorporate new equipment, thus alleviating the need to pay for over the unreasonably priced spares or long lead times.