The Technology Business was established after many years experience in the industrial service and automation industry to fulfill the changing demands now faced in the market place.

Over the past 15 years the market place has changed, customers now require the complete solution from external suppliers, whether it be the supply of spares, repairs, on-site services or project delivery.

The Technology Business believes that the best way to deliver these services is to utilise a combination of in-house expertise, combined with strategic customer and supplier partnerships to deliver  a cost effective, second-to-none service.

Our core backbone is a team of engineers and technicians who are capable of delivering automation projects, repair solutions,  electromechanical services, on-site support, facilities management and new product support and sales.

Because of the scope of our services and our engineers capabilities we are able to work in a number of industries such as Automotives, Pharmaceuticals, Petro-chemicals, Food Processing, Power management and many more.

Our goal is to keep our customers competitive in an aggressive worldwide market, by minimising downtime, improving productivity, reducing costs and delivering solutions for their next generation of products or services.